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Great value vehicle hire for your business

Get great value vehicle rentals for your business with our diverse selection of vehicles from leading manufacturers. Customize our vehicle solutions to meet your unique requirements and efficiently manage them with our TSP vehicle management dashboard.

Our team of seasoned professionals is at your service.

Allow us to assess your needs and preferences, so we can offer a tailor-made solution that suits your business. Upon delivery of your vehicle, we’ll ensure its optimal performance and manage all in-life and end-of-life events, ensuring maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness.


Hassle free process

We simplify the process of securing your fleet. By applying for an account online, accepting terms electronically, and utilizing our top-of-the-market solutions, you can easily access relevant information and make informed decisions. Trust us to manage your fleet and related expenses, allowing you to focus on the critical aspects of your business.


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Frequently asked questions

Flexible Hire offers the versatility to rent a vehicle for a duration that suits you, starting from 28 days with the option to extend for additional 28-day increments as needed.

In contrast, Vehicle Leasing or Contract Hire requires a set contract period ranging from 2 to 4 years. At the end of the contract, you return the vehicle. Terminating the lease early may result in substantial penalties.

Yes, it is possible to extend your flexible rental for additional 28-day increments as many times as necessary to meet your changing needs.

No upfront payment or deposit: Unlike buying a vehicle, you are required to pay a large sum to acquire it, alternatively leasing or financing a vehicle also require deposits as large as 9 months payments upfront!

Ultimate Flexibility: Need a vehicle for a month? Flexi-hire it without committing to buy. If your business needs change, it’s easy to switch to another vehicle or extend the rental for another 28 days.

Off Balance Sheet and Tax Efficient:  Unlike a lease, a flexi hire won’t appear as a long-term liability on your balance sheet, avoiding negative impact and safeguarding your financial stability

Say Goodbye to Depreciation Worries: The constant fear of vehicle depreciation can be a thing of the past with flexible hiring. Enjoy peace of mind with easy-to-track monthly payments.

We pride ourselves on offering a versatile fleet of vehicles, ranging from compact cars to large vans. Our team is dedicated to customising your rental experience and providing additional amenities, such as racking, beacon lighting, towing, and Chapter 8 compliance, to meet your specific requirements.

Our flexible hire vehicles come equipped with full maintenance as standard. Tyres are also included in the rental, and we will replace them at no cost if they reach the legal limit due to normal wear and tear.

Please note that punctures are not covered under our standard tyre replacement policy.

Our customers are required to obtain their own comprehensive insurance coverage, either through a fleet policy or a policy specifically for the vehicle they will be using.

If a registration-specific vehicle insurance policy is chosen, customers must indicate that the vehicle will be used for business purposes, provide an accurate estimate of the annual mileage, and specify that the leasing/rental company is the registered owner of the vehicle

No restrictions apply to who can rent our flexible hire vehicles as long as the customer has the proper insurance coverage in place. Our vehicles are insured by the customer, ensuring complete flexibility in who can take advantage of our rental services

Yes, all of our 28-day flexible rentals come with a standard allowance of 2,000 miles. Should you need to drive more than this, additional miles are available at a cost listed in the rental agreement.nt.

In the event that your rental vehicle is declared a total loss (due to theft or written off), it is important to inform us immediately. We will require written confirmation from your insurance company confirming the total loss before determining the settlement amount for the rental contract.

The vehicle will continue to be on rental until the settlement is reached and payment is received from your insurance company, including any excess charges that may be the customer’s responsibility. Please note that a replacement vehicle, if provided, will also incur additional charges.

Yes, a credit check is performed as part of our identity verification process during onboarding. However, this is not intended to evaluate your ability to afford the solutions you require, but rather to verify your identity.

Upon the completion of your rental, we will conduct a check-in process and provide you with the opportunity to inspect the vehicle and confirm its condition upon return. This will be documented electronically, and any damage beyond normal wear and tear will be noted. Our charges are based on BVRLA’s fair wear and tear standards, and only charges deemed necessary will be applied

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