Experience The Freedom Of Flexible Hire!

"Unlock Boundless Possibilities: Experience the Freedom of Flexible Hire with TSP Vehicle Solutions!"


SWB Transit Custom's

Is the Transit Custom one of your preferred vehicle choices list? talk to us today.


TSP Vehicle Solutions:

Empowering Your Drive!

At TSP, we're not just redefining mobility; we're putting YOU in the driver's seat of innovation. Buckle up for a journey where flexibility meets mastery, and your success is our destination.

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We love flexi hire. We mean it.
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Experience cutting-edge automotive technology

with Flexi Hire's state-of-the-art fleet. From sleek city cars for solo errands to versatile vans for project hauls, we have the perfect fit for every need. Boost your business image with our modern vehicles and drive with confidence.


Forget maintenance worries!

At Flexi Hire, inclusive maintenance is standard. We handle routine check-ups and repairs, ensuring your fleet stays impeccably maintained and always road-ready. Focus on your business, knowing your vehicles are in our capable hands.

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Making the switch to Flexi Hire is a breeze.

Our seamless onboarding process helps you quickly transition to a customized, extended partnership that adapts to your unique needs. It's your journey, your way.

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TSP isn't just a hire company, we're your long-term partner.

We're invested in your success, building true relationships that drive you forward. Let's navigate the road to success together, with flexible solutions at every turn.

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Ready to join the EV revolution?

At TSP, we take the hassle out of switching to electric vehicles. Let us handle the maintenance and logistics, while you enjoy the sustainability and cost savings of electric power. Focus on driving your business forward, with us handling the rest.

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We've Got Your Back - Every Mile of the Way!

At TSP, we understand that worrying about your vehicles can be a roadblock to your success. That's why we've got your back. Let us handle the maintenance and logistics, so you can focus on what you do best – driving your business forward

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Ready to Steer Your Success?

Connect with us today and explore the unlimited possibilities of Flexi Hire. Experience unmatched flexibility, peace of mind, and sustainability with our seamlessly integrated fleet management and maintenance services. Your journey to a smoother, greener, and more successful future starts here!


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