Questions & Answers

What is Flexi Hire?

Flexi Hire, short for flexible hiring, is a vehicle rental solution offered by TSP Vehicle Solutions. It provides businesses with the flexibility to adapt their vehicle fleet size based on changing needs, allowing for seamless adjustments to match fluctuations in demand.

How does Flexi Hire differ from traditional leasing?

Unlike traditional leasing, Flexi Hire from TSP Vehicle Solutions offers more adaptability. With Flexi Hire, businesses can easily scale their fleet up or down without being tied to long-term contracts, providing a more agile and cost-effective solution.

What types of vehicles are available under Flexi Hire?

TSP Vehicle Solutions offers a diverse range of vehicles under the Flexi Hire program, including cars, vans and specialized vehicles. The availability may vary based on location and regional offerings.

Can I return a vehicle before the agreed-upon term without penalties

Yes, one of the key benefits of Flexi Hire is the ability to return vehicles before the agreed-upon term without incurring penalties. This flexibility is particularly useful in scenarios where your business needs change unexpectedly.

How is the billing structured with Flexi Hire?

Billing for Flexi Hire is typically structured on a flexible and transparent basis. You pay for the duration the vehicle is in use, allowing for cost-effective management of your fleet. Typically monthly or every 28 days.

Who can Flexi Hire?

you will need to be a Limited business, Paternership or sole trader

Can I add more vehicles during peak seasons and reduce them during off-peak times?

Absolutely. Flexi Hire is designed to adapt to your business's seasonal fluctuations. You can easily scale up your fleet during peak seasons and scale down during off-peak times, providing optimal flexibility.

What happens if a vehicle requires maintenance or experiences issues during the rental period?

TSP Vehicle Solutions takes care of routine maintenance and addresses any issues that may arise during the rental period. Our goal is to ensure the reliability of the vehicles and minimize downtime for your business.

Is there a minimum or maximum duration for Flexi Hire?

Flexi Hire is designed to be flexible, with no strict minimum or maximum durations. Whether you need a vehicle for a short-term project or an extended period, TSP Vehicle Solutions can tailor the duration to meet your specific requirements.

How do I initiate the Flexi Hire process?

To initiate the Flexi Hire process, simply get in touch with our team through the provided contact channels. We'll discuss your business needs, recommend suitable solutions, and guide you through the straightforward process of getting started with Flexi Hire.

Is Flexi Hire available for businesses of all sizes?

Yes, Flexi Hire is suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are a small startup or a large enterprise, TSP Vehicle Solutions can customize a Flexi Hire solution to match your unique requirements and scale with your business growth.

Is insurance included?

Insurance is not included, you must be able to provide a fully comprehensive insurance policy, either a fleet or vehicle-specific policy can be accepted.

What is included?

Vehicle maintenance, including servicing; breakdown cover; replacement tyres (excluding damaged or punctured tyres); and road tax.


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