TSP vehicle solutions

Case studies

Seasonal Fluctuations in Demand

Bassett Turf Supplies, our valued customer, specialises in supplying and installing various types of turf and topsoil. However, their business experiences a dip in trade during winter as outdoor landscaping activities come to a halt due to harsh weather conditions.

As a result, their vehicle requirements vary seasonally, with minimal need for vehicles during winter and an increased demand from spring onwards.

Flexi hiring from us offers Bassett the advantage of adapting their fleet size to meet their changing needs, without having to bear the cost of idle vehicles during the off-season. This solution provides them with the ultimate flexibility to meet their dynamic needs

Empowering New Ventures

Starting a new business can be challenging, especially when it comes to securing financing for essential assets such as vehicles. This is a common struggle faced by many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Take our customer, Rock-Venture Designs, for example. They moved from South Africa to establish a swimming pool installation business, but encountered difficulty in obtaining financing or leasing options for vehicles.

Fortunately, at TSP, we do not rely on credit checks to supply vehicles, enabling us to offer Rock-Venture Designs the vehicles they needed to launch their business. Furthermore, by providing flexi hiring options, we supported their business growth with additional vehicles as their operations expanded.

Mitigating Risk for New Employees

Responsive Personnel, a leading recruitment agency, places candidates in a variety of positions, including some that require access to company vehicles. However, hiring new employees can pose a risk, as there is always a chance that the chosen candidate may not pass probation or may leave unexpectedly. This can result in Responsive Personnel being left with a leased or financed vehicle that is no longer needed.

To mitigate this risk, TSP offers the ideal solution with flexible hiring options. This allows new hires to be provided with a vehicle on flexible terms, and in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, the vehicle can be returned without any penalties. This ensures peace of mind for Responsive Personnel and their clients

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