Small Van


Small Van

Ready to explore the practicality of a Citroen Berlingo Van or a similar nimble choice through Flexi Hire? Complete our easy enquiry form for all the details you need. Your compact and efficient journey starts here – let's make it happen!

Why Choose Flexi Hire?

  • No Upfront Payment Or Deposit.

  • 2,000 Miles Included As Standard Per 28 Days

  • Service, Tyres, Breakdown And Road Fund Licence Included.

  • Ultimate Flexibility, Hire From As Little As 28 Days And As Long As 5 Years!

  • Free up Cash Tied In Existing Vehicles.

  • Free Nationwide Delivery.

  • Off Balance Sheet, Tax Efficient.

  • No Uncertainty On Depreciation So No Worries.

  • Easy To Track Monthly Payments.

  • New Vehicle Every 18 Months.

  • Optional Extras Such As Racking, Beacon, Towing And Chapter 8 are Also Available at cost!











Is your fleet feeling like a knotted ball of yarn, hindering your business from reaching its full potential? You're not alone. Whether you're in construction, logistics, sales, or healthcare, a staggering 72% of fleet managers, according to Deloitte's "Global Automotive Outlook 2023," are yearning for unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness – and they're finding it in Flexi Hire.

Forget the static model of long-term commitments. Flexi Hire's short-term vehicle rentals are the game-changer, delivering agile solutions tailored to your industry's specific needs:


    • Surge capacity for peak projects: Hire additional trucks and vans for temporary site needs, scaling your fleet up and down seamlessly.
    • Deliver materials with efficiency: Access a diverse fleet of fuel-efficient vans and trucks to optimize last-mile deliveries and reduce operating costs.
    • Maintain equipment with ease: Rent specialized service vehicles for on-site maintenance and repairs, eliminating the need for long-term ownership.


    • Adapt to fluctuating demand: Hire additional delivery vans and trucks during peak seasons, ensuring on-time deliveries without overspending on underutilized assets.
    • Expand your service area: Access a nationwide network of vehicles to reach new customers and markets effortlessly.
    • Optimize last-mile deliveries: Choose from electric vans for environmentally friendly and cost-effective urban deliveries.


    • Empower your sales team: Provide your team with reliable, fuel-efficient cars for client visits and meetings, boosting productivity and brand image.
    • Respond to sales spikes: Hire additional passenger vans for temporary team transportation during major campaigns or events.
    • Test-drive market expansion: Access vehicles specific to new regional markets before committing to long-term purchases.


Flexi Hire's benefits go beyond industry specifics:

    • Enhanced Cost-Effectiveness: Pay only for the time each vehicle is used, freeing up capital for core business functions.
    • Widened Vehicle Selection: Access a diverse fleet tailored to your industry's unique needs, from temperature-controlled vans to speciality equipment.
    • Streamlined Convenience: Manage your fleet effortlessly with intuitive online booking and nationwide coverage.
    • Dedicated Support: Our experienced team ensures your Flexi Hire experience is smooth and worry-free.

Ready to untangle your operations and unlock the power of agility? Contact TSP Vehicle Solutions today and discover how we can tailor a flexible and cost-effective solution to fit your industry's specific needs. Let your fleet become an asset, not a burden.

Embrace Flexi Hire, embrace the future of business mobility.