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Scale Your Fleet, Not Your Costs: Agile Solutions for Busy Businesses


Flexi Car hire

Unlock Endless Possibilities: Flexi Car Hire - Your Key to the Open Road

Flexi Hire what is it?

Flexi Van Hire: Where Agility Meets Affordability (and it's not just vans!)

Ditch the shackles of rigid car and van contracts! Embrace the freedom of Flexi Hire, your on-demand vehicle solution that injects a shot of agility and precision into your life. Whether you're a hustling startup needing a nimble van for site visits, a growing family seeking a spacious car for weekend adventures, or an individual just craving the sweet taste of choice, Flexi Hire empowers you to move with the flow.

Flexi Hire isn't just about van hire or car hire, it's about:

Unleashing Your Growth:

From zippy city cars for solo errands to heavy-duty trucks for hauling materials, your Flexi Hire fleet expands and contracts alongside your needs. No dead weight, just the perfect fit, every time.

Financial Freedom Fighters:

Ditch the hefty upfront deposits and embrace pay-as-you-go efficiency. Free up precious capital for tools, materials, or that unforgettable family vacation. Depreciation blues? Not here!

Unchained from Contracts:

Rigid leases stifle your growth? Not with Flexi Hire. Adjust fleet size, switch vehicle types, or even go electric on the fly. Adaptability is your superpower.

Focus on the Road Ahead:

Forget the headaches of maintenance, insurance, and paperwork. Flexi Hire handles it all, leaving you free to focus on building your business, chasing your dreams, or simply enjoying the open road.

Something new

But Flexi Hire offers more than just freedom. It's also about:

Nationwide Reach:

No project or adventure is out of reach. Flexi Hire delivers your perfect vehicle across the UK, ensuring you conquer every frontier.

Green Solutions:

Embrace the future with our growing fleet of electric vehicles. Eliminate upfront costs and depreciation risks, and let sustainability power your journey.

Local Expertise, National Impact:

Since 1985, TSP has combined the warmth of local guidance with nationwide coverage.** We're your homegrown advocate, supporting your every step.

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Now, let's dive deeper into the world of Flexi Hire vehicles:

Small Van Flexi Hire:

Your city zipping sidekick, perfect for deliveries, errands, and quick trips. Fuel-efficient and maneuverable, it navigates urban jungles with ease.

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SWB Van Flexi Hire:

More space, more possibilities. Ideal for larger deliveries and project cargo, it maximizes efficiency without breaking the bank.

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5 Str Crew Van Flexi Hire:

Team transportation made easy. Comfortably seat your crew and haul equipment, boosting productivity and collaboration.

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3.2m LWB Hi-Top Flexi Hire:

Extra volume for bulky cargo and taller items. Walk-in convenience and improved access make loading and unloading a breeze.

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4.3m Jumbo Flexi Hire:

The ultimate cargo champion. Haul the biggest loads with ease and confidence, built for heavy duty and made for flexibility.

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Luton Box Van With Tail Lift Flexi Hire:

Versatility redefined. Load, unload, and deliver with ultimate ease, the perfect partner for furniture removals and specialized deliveries.

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3500kg Tipper & Dropside Flat Flexi Hire:

Built for tough terrain. Handle construction sites and heavy materials with ease, unloading and disposing of debris efficiently.

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And don't forget, Flexi Hire isn't just about vans!

We offer a diverse range of cars, from zippy city runabouts to spacious family SUVs, ensuring you find the perfect fit for every adventure.

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